Saturday, December 20, 2003

Why don't we get to see more old documentaries from the 70's and stuff about high tech? I used to love those documentaries when I was a kid.

The below should be read in a smug, educated American accent. Think smoking jacket, lantern jaw and brylcreem. Probably horn rimmed glasses. Picture a young Darren McGavin.

"Some modern mainframe computers have as much as 4 kilobytes of memory - that's as much information as three afternoon newspapers!"

"By 2001, air travel will be as common as riding a bicycle. Every home will have a helicopter to travel to and from work, or just to do the shopping."

Wow! I would exclaim and lapped it up.

I remember one documentary - it must have 1975-76 - that talked about the energy crisis which was in full swing at the time. You young people don't remember this, but when I was growing up petrol rationing was more often than not the rule - for years I thought you could only buy petrol on even numbered days. But this documentary predicted that the world's oil supply would run out by 2005. I'm already stocking up.


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