Friday, November 28, 2003

As part of my ongoing contact with the medical community, whose current goals seem to include finding things wrong with me, telling me not to eat the things I like and prescribing chemicals like some brave-new-world type white-coated pushers, I had to have a blood test. The nurse who was to take my blood from me was a funky young twenty something chick with numerous body piercings. She had several earrings, eyebrow ring, tongue stud, even a nose ring. These are just the piercings I could see. The mind boggles at what other body parts had been similarly treated. Is that supposed to be ironic? Is she saying "look, I've had a knitting needle right through my freaking eyebrow, surely a tiny one in your forearm is no big deal." Is she boasting of her prowess in skewering human flesh? I guess you'd never get a tattoo from someone who didn't look like a human gregorys, so this is the same sort of logic. The nose ring fascinated me, having previously only seen nose rings on bovines. You could clip a chain to it and lead her around the room, like at the easter show. I'm not judging, I'm just saying it interested me. She must be heaps of fun at parties.

I like to think so, anyway. In the dustbin of my mind.


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