Thursday, November 20, 2003

Further news on my iinet email

20/11 - Jarrad Cox - This is a short message to let you know
that I have read through your email and have forwarded it to the necessary department.

If this continues I could write a sports commentary on it.

Reed gets the email, he's looking to clear the goal mouth, takes a few steps before passing it on to Cox. Cox steps his man and passes it back to Reed, who's looking for an opening, yes, he finds Scacheri, who takes it nicely and then back to Cox who's moving downfield. Cox has run out of options so it's back to Scacheri, and back to Cox, and again back to Scacheri. Oooh! They're in all sorts of trouble here, but Cox gathers nicely and punts it across to Johns, who's in the clear!! Takes a bounce, yes, takes another, could be in trouble here, but no! Steps off the left foot and passes it across to Cox again! It's Cox! Cox, he takes a few steps and winds up, belts it downfield in a wobbly old punt, to be taken by, taken by...

I'll await further developments and report them here as they happen.


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