Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vale Lex

I just found out that a fellow aviator, blogger, and friend of mine Neptunus Lex, the nom de guerre of Captain Carroll LeFon USN (Ret.) went west for the last time.

The Secretary of the US Navy himself, along with scores of others who knew and admired him have paid tribute here

I first found his blog whilst looking up the origin of different pilot callsigns. If you're wondering why his callsign was "Lex", he tells the story much better than I can here. That post was almost ten years ago, and I remember it wasn't that old when I read it. I was learning to fly, and learning to blog myself, and what Lex didn't know about both wasn't worth knowing.

I made it a ritual of mine to check his blog at least once a week to catch up on his latest activities. I know I will miss that, and so will a lot of others.

Sorely missed. Farewell Lex.