Tuesday, February 03, 2004

You know the Big Picture things, the Big Issues (before Big Issue meant unemployed beggars,) the world changing events of history? I'm apathetic towards them. War in Iraq? Meh. Illegal immigrants? Puh. Like it makes any difference what I think, like they make any difference to me. I take the same interest in them as I do the Grand Final results. The little things in life, standing in line at the supermarket, the fact I can't get Dr Pepper anywhere, Cityrail's abysmal attempts to get a train to run on time, these are the things I really care about, because they directly effect me. Bombs falling in Afghanistan, I'm sympathetic, it's real sad, but at the end of the day, the bombs might as well have been falling on Mars 10,000 years ago. George W Bush doesn't care what I think. If he doesn't care what the United Nations thinks, what chance do I have? I could care like Mother Teresa, gnash my teeth until they fall out, wring my hands and rub the worry beads like Rene Rivkin waiting for a doctors certificate and Dubya still isn't going to give a shit. So why bother? Why expend energy on things you have no influence over? Taking an interest in world politics is like taking an interest in test cricket. It goes forever, major figures come and go, it's often boring, sometimes very exciting, but you can't influence the result and the result probably won't influence you. So join me and stop caring. Thank you.


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