Thursday, January 29, 2004

More news on the 'penny-dreadful' corporate takeover saga. I got another 'vote for me' letter yesterday, which only reinforced my decision not to vote for the greedy capitalist pigs. Better than that, they sent me a stamped return envelope. So I soaked the bugger off. Up the workers! That's fifty cents up to me. My friends and relatives call me a mean, tight-fisted miser for soaking off stamps. I prefer the word frugal. Whenever the post office is careless enough to miss marking a stamp, I soak the little bugger off and save him for later. That's called 'sticking it to the man.' Fight the power!

Briefly today at work we discussed how long it would take if the office was sealed up before we turned to cannibalism and who the first victim would be. It's funny what Thursdays do to you.


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