Saturday, January 24, 2004

Sorry I'm late in posting today but my train was 35 mins late. I stood on the platform at Summer Hill station with 50 other gormless commuters waiting for the train until it felt like a Samuel Beckett play. I have had to catch the train recently as my car is off the road being repaired and so far I have yet to catch a train that arrived on time. One Mr Costa, M. will feel the full force of my wrath in written form next week.

Even worse is that my plans to buy a motorcycle have been shelved due to the fact that I have nowhere to store it. If you have a garage in Summer Hill that could allow me to park a motorcycle in it, please let me know. I shan't be holding my breath. So if I want a motorcycle I will probably have to move, which is a pain at the best of times. Bugger, bugger, bugger.

I got home this morning and discovered that my video recorder had become catatonic overnight. Most video recorders break, they chew tapes or regurgitate them unprompted but mine is in a coma. It wouldn't respond to the remote or the off button and there was only a dim, dark picture on the TV. Fortunately there was no video in it. I was forced to pull the plug. It's had a good run, though, so I'm not really complaining. It gives me the chance to replace it with something newer and snazzier.


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