Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Is there any such thing as an American film that does not contain a murder? I think it would be a fair estimate that 75% of American films contain graphic depictions of violence and murder. In my experience violence and murder are the exception rather than the rule. Now, if you're making a war film, violence and death are intrinsic to the plot and narrative, but are 75% of American films war films? Not bloody likely. Just once, in fact more than once, I would like to see a film where the hero or heroine of the film goes from start to finish without having to commit an act of violence and the final redemption of the main character is not gained by committing murder, or mass murder. Here's a few tips for any Hollywood producers reading my blog.

1. Try to limit the use of firearms and explosives. I know those things are spectacular and look great on film but try and use vehicles like dialogue, acting and plot to get around it.
2. If you're going to use an historical character, I'm sure a quick trip to the library will turn up all sorts of interesting facts about them, thereby removing the necessity for you to make shit up about them.
3. Cars are great, but tyres do not need to screech at every given opportunity.
4. Not every film needs to end in a shoot out to the death.
5. Oh, and make the film interesting, too.

By the way, I don't mind coarse language, sex and nudity in films, so cram plenty of that in. I can never understand how that stuff is less acceptable than seeing a human being killed in slow motion.


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