Thursday, January 08, 2004

I got a letter today from a company I own shares in. Before you shout "capitalist pig! leeching off the blood of the workers!" I don't own very many shares and they aren't worth much. 10,000 shares at 15 cents each - I think that the company could be termed a 'penny-dreadful.' Nevertheless, the Annual General Meeting is coming up. I got the proxy form just the other day but I wasn't going to bother voting until I got a second letter today. It appears two of the directors are trying to out manouvre two of the other directors as I got a proxy form all filled out for me, with the boxes ticked, a little pamplet with two grinning drones and a spiel about how they ran multi-billionaire corporations and how they are considered deities in some third world countries AND a stamped, addressed envelope to return to the receiving officer for the AGM.

*evil grin*

So of course, I voted against them and sent it back courtesy of the letter they paid for. Smug bastards.

BTW - I wasn't hungover the other day, I had a 'temporary self-inflicted concentration deficit.'


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