Thursday, January 01, 2004

I was just watching a rerun of the "seminal" and "millennial" Australian drama 'The Secret Life of Us' and I've now come to realise - it's rubbish. Why I didn't realise this before I have no idea. I think the clincher came when I saw one of the characters rooms in the apartment block in former working class and now mega trendy suburb of St Kilda has a room (in a share house, of course) which is decorated. Decorated in the style popular among TV removation show renovators, using 'unconventional' materials in 'unconventional' ways. The character, I should point out that the character is Evan, an Australian heterosexual male, otherwise known as a bloke.

I have never met a bloke yet who gave any more thought to decorating other than "does it fit" and "is the bed on the ceiling or the floor. Floor? Bewdy."

By the way, hope everyone had a Happy New Years Eve, you sheep.


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