Sunday, September 19, 2004

Women decide: no Mr Right, no baby

"Women who hang out for Mr Right and refuse to have children without him are contributing to the growing decline in Australia's fertility rates, a study has revealed.

Dr Leslie Cannold called them "the waiters and watchers", saying the growing group have resigned themselves to a childless life unless they find the perfect partner."

OK - let's accept this for the minute. Now read this, the conclusion from the same article.

"They are having problems with men - meeting suitable men who want to become fathers - and also having problems when their life choices collide with work opportunities," she explained.

Her research suggested both reluctant, recalcitrant men and gender-based domestic inequity led women to shoulder the bulk of costs and burdens of family/work imbalances."

Ay? It's the fault of reluctant, recalcitrant men and the phallocentric patriarchy that women don't want to have children? How the hell do you work that out? Women can't find suitable partners to have children with, and that's the fault of the men they aren't going out with?

What does she suggest? We should hold these men down, perhaps, extract semen from them, impregnate unwilling wombs and force the men to support the resulting offspring? Maybe we should legislate out the imbalances in domestic inequity and burdens of family/work and force those lazy beggars of men to go out, earn a living then come home and do their fair share of the housework, like their wives currently do and they clearly don't.

What a load of grade-a, grain-fed, cock-eyed, lame-brained, half-witted, leftist, pinko-feminazi shite.

Maybe the reasons men AND women aren't having as many children as they used to is that they live in a society where their lifestyle will change dramatically and not necessarily for the better. Because they believe that by having children their standard of living will drop unacceptably. Maybe they don't think they should be treated like happy little baby-factories and walking revenue producers for the Treasury.

How about instead of pointing the finger (in the male direction, not surprisingly) you come up with some worthwhile and meaningful conclusions, instead of using surveys to justify your own preconceptions.

End rant.


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