Saturday, September 18, 2004

Student Pilot Aces All Seven Takeoffs, Six of Seven Landings

FAIRBANKS, ALASKA (DPI) - Student pilot Albert Vane came very close to passing his pilot's license training course after completing all but one small part of his final field test this week. Carrying a perfect 100-percent record and more than 50 hours of flight time, Vane's tiny technical error on the final test kept him from passing the course at all, according to staff at the James Walther Flight School. "Ordinarily, we allow some leeway with our young pilots," said the school's owner, James Walther, "but in this case, we believe that Vane will never be able to complete his certification. Sorry, but we make no exceptions." Services for Vane are set for 4 p.m. Saturday at Holy Family Chapel. No flowers.

Thanks to Pendles for bringing this story to my attention.

It reminds me that there are two main rules to flying. Not, rules, more guidelines.

1. Take-offs are optional. Landings are compulsory.
2. Try to have an equal number of both.


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