Sunday, September 19, 2004

From Fate is the Hunter by Ernest K. Gann;

"We waited, holding the course to the east. I tried calling Corumba again. Silence. I began watching the clock on the instrument panel; my eyes were drawn to it again and again although I knew very well that less than a minute intervened between each inspection. And suddenly I knew that Park was doing the same thing. I found this more amusing than worrisome. We were playing a game which was as old as the combination of two men flying side by side in the same airplane. The game has no offical name, but it might be called " you see." The game is usually played while awaiting clarification or the resolution of a situation which is likely to be distressing.
Park was obviously an expert at this diversion, and I found it extremely difficult to match his nonchalance. He was cheating, though. Three times I caught him moving the facsimile slightly to one side so he could see the clock. Conversation is always held at a minimum during this game and we followed custom exactly.
"Anything on your side?"


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