Friday, February 20, 2004

A Special Aeronautical Post
I just got back from Bankstown airport after a short flight and boy are my arms tired! No, I went for an introductory flight with a company called Basair. It was basically a two hour flight from Bankstown south to Albion Park, east to the coast, north to Manly and back to Bankstown. The most fun I have had in I can't remember how long. The weather was just about perfect, zero cloud, less than 5 knots wind, visability pretty good if a little hazy, probably about 40 miles.

Cessna 152 rego VH-WSS.

Port Kembla under the port wing.

Wollongong aerodrome.

Soaring at the lofty altitude of 550 feet.

A passing aircraft.

Sydney Harbour slides by.

I got the fly the plane for about 45 minutes, straight and level, level turns, climb and descent. The experience reminded me of first driving a car. Sensory overload. I remember how much effort it took when I first started driving just to keep the car straight, now it's second nature.

These photos are all available from our gift shop. Enjoy.


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