Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Ryanair 'to cut frills further' "Ryanair has confirmed it is taking "no-frills" flying a stage further by ordering a fleet of planes without reclining seats or window blinds."

I don't think it goes far enough. Why not introduce 'standing class,' make people stand up for the duration of the flight with little handles hanging from the ceiling like on a bus or train. There is a suggestion that Ryanair might not let you take any baggage, except hand luggage. This would free up the baggage compartment underneath the aircraft and they can stack them in there like in slave ships. As long as the passengers were chained down they should meet air safety regs. I don't think Ryanair have considered the use of ski racks so they could strap passengers to the outside of the plane as well. Now THAT'S no frills flying.


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