Thursday, February 12, 2004

Some people have a section on their blog which says which book the author is currently reading and which CD they are currently listening to. I refuse to do the same because inevitably there are only two responses, and they are both negative.

The first response is to say 'you're listening to/reading that? That's shit! I read/listened to that ages ago, man you are such a backward fuck with no taste.'

The second response is to say 'you're listening to/reading that? Never heard of it. It must be shit. I wouldn't be caught dead reading/listening to that, man you are such a wannabe wank with no taste.'

So screw you, you filthy hippy! I'll read whatever the hell I like and listen to whatever I want, whenever I want. And if you ask me what I'm reading/listening to, I'm likely just to punch you in the face and yell 'you're not the boss of me!!!'

My therapist has said to write that I'm currently reading 'Diary' by Chuck Palahniuk and listening to Bach's Brandenburg Concertos.

OKAY!!! ASSHOLE!!!!!!!


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