Monday, November 08, 2010

Vietnam Holiday Seven

My wifes birthday today, the dawn greeted us with low overcast and driving rain. We don't mind the rain that much anyway. A visit to the Su Spa was on the agenda today. It is reckoned to be the more upmarket of the spas in Nha Trang and although expensive by local standards still incredibly cheap by Australian standards. Kirrilys treatment cost $54 while the same treatment at the Observatory in Sydney would cost $230. I woke up with a bad shoulder, probably by lifting weights which is not something I am used to, so I opted for a hot stone massage and a manicure to stop Kirrily complaining about the state of my nails. I have never had such avrekaxing experience and although my shoulder felt good for a while later in that afternoon it started to feel painful again. I decided that was a good enough excuse for a rest day from working out.
We went to a little local cafe for lunch which cost $6 including tip then we went to pick up some shirts I'd had tailor made earlier in the week, $20 each. I know that if we went to Hoi An we could have got them a bit cheaper, but by my standards $20 for a brand new tailored shirt made to measure shirt, damn cheap.
Out for Kirrilys birthday dinner at the Brewhouse.


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