Sunday, November 07, 2010

Vietnam Holiday Six

Up a bit late and binges on the buffet breakfast once again. I've eaten more bacon since I've been here than in the six months previous. In my defense Dr Rosemary I spent over an hour in the gym afterwards onthe treadmill and cycling as well as lifting weights. I can bench 100 kgs. Is that good?
Kirrily is feeling a bit unwell. It might be a lot of things, the heat, the aircon, the unfamiliar food, a virus. I have prescribed fluids and bedrest, and I know which order will be complied with. As she is resting I decided to take a stroll along the beach. I never realized how spoiled I am with Australian beaches. Flotsam I can excuse after the heavy rains, but I find it difficult to ignore the discarded plastic bags, bottles, snack wrappers emblazoned in an incomprehensible script, tampon wrappers, tampons, condoms and worse which litter the high tide mark. I have so far found the locals to be very conscious of cleanliness but I can't explain why that attitude ends at the plimsol line.
I headed back to the hotel to check the condition of the spouse, which had improved somewhat and i was further excused to explore the comestibles of the Lousiane Brewhouse. On my way it started raining, coincidentally outside the Sailing Club and so I stepped inside until the rain abated somewhat. Now that I was there, well it would impolite of me not to order an iced coffee Vietnamese style. I finished that and it was still raining, so I thought a cleansing ale was appropriate. Now that a beer was on its way, well how about a bite to eat with which to be washed down.
One coffee, one peppered beef and one Saigon White later I continued my mission. The Louisiane Brewhouse. Again on the beach and not a short leisurely stroll, or determined stagger from the sailing club. They brew their own beer here under an Australian brewer and after just now having imbibed a tasting plate of four different beers I can tell you they are pretty good. A little too hoppy and gassy for my tastes but good nevertheless.
The rain having relented I wandered back to the Novotel, met with Kirrily and found a cheap place, the Paramount, for dinner. $7.50 for two with drinks, not bad. The food was good but the portions very small. I mean I could easily count the number of French fries on the plate. Went back to the hotel after wandering around for a while, Kirrily having looked forward to watching 'Up' and having an early night.
The movie was in Vietnamese. Early night it is.


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