Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vietnam Holiday Nine

Up early and off to Vin Pearl island amusement park, neglecting our swimmers which we would later regret. We took a taxi out to the cable car and stopped short at an anonymous looking office. In Vietnamese and sign language the taxi driver and a uniformed woman who opened the door and requested 640,000 dong. Which sounds like a lot but is only $32. Still I was dubious but handed over the cash, which was more than we had budgeted for, having relied on the information in the lonely planet guidebook. She handed me two battered electronic cards and closed the door. The driver drove on for the cable car, I settled the $4 cab ride, alighted and watched the cabbie speed off. Still feeling nervous we head for the cable car entrance, inserted the cards into the electronic turnstile and hoped for the best. Lo and behold, a green light. We stepped onto the cable car, refreshingly bereft of safety notices of questionable value and ride to Vin Pearl island. We rode the small rollercoaster but most of the other rides appeared closed. We gazed longingly at the inviting looking waters of the water park then wandered into the aquarium expecting to have to cough up the taxi fare home again. Entry was free and we thoroughly enjoyed looking at the various marine creatures which had mercifully escaped a Nha Trang dinner plate. I must mention that the aquarium is significantly downhill of the cable car exit and the one ride we really wanted to have a go on, the escalator, was shut down also, so we trudged back up the eight flights of stairs to get back where we started from. Back to the hotel again for a quick nap.
I visited the gym again while waiting for a massage, having been firmly convinced of its restorative properties. Feeling refreshed and reinvigorated we went out to dinner at Lanterns and thoroughly enjoyed the meal there.


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