Monday, November 14, 2005


I've probably just had the biggest two weeks of my life. First I get my pilots licence, then I go away on holidays to Hawaii and I come back engaged.

That's right. I'm now officially spoken for. Kirrily and I are going to be married.

So, yes. It's all gravy.


At 10:32 pm, Anonymous tedge said...

nice one dude, we have to meet up soon, been too long.

At 9:17 pm, Anonymous Therese said...

Many congrats again on being engaged, can't wait for the big day to happen!!!!!!!

At 9:02 pm, Anonymous tara and rachel said...

congrats uncle chris and kirrily.
hope to see you soon
love tara and rachel.

At 1:41 am, Blogger Wombat said...

My god what is happening back there I leave the country for 1 year and the worlsd as I know it completely changes

Congrats by the way as a bloke that has just done it (well a year ago) let me tell you now ....your life is officially over


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