Sunday, October 16, 2005

Basair has some new aircraft. The Tecnam P2002.

Italian designed and built, rotax engine, joystick controls, bubble canopy.


I can't wait to try one of these babies out and *sniff* that new plane smell.


At 6:36 pm, Anonymous Justin said...

These things are pretty cool...I flew one yesterday - VH-JFV - it only had 16 hours on it. It has an awesome climb rate - over 1000ft/min. The thing feels a bit fragile though on the walkaround inspection - there's lots of places you can't touch/step on, as it's plastic - THIN plastic. I also love the electric trim on it - so effortless, which fits in well with my general laziness. The weird thing with the plane is it doesn't have foot brakes - the pedals only control the rudder. There's a handle in the middle which applies the brake. Speaking of rudder, this plane needs a crapload. Even in the air flying straight and level, you need to apply a lot of right rudder when increasing power, and left rudder when decreasing.

All in all, good fun, and it's nice to be in something new compared with something that's older as I am. Go and make a booking - maybe wait and be the first person to fly the last two Tecnams to come to Basair.

At 9:46 pm, Blogger Chris said...

I was going to ask you how it went. I can't wait.

I can actually, my priority at the moment is getting my licence :)

Once I come back from Hawaii I'll get checked out in them.

At 10:17 pm, Blogger aliciaflygirl said...

You definitely should have some kind of warning banner or notice before the unsuspecting are faced with this level of aero related porn!! Geez the new planes are pretty, but the comment about 'thin plastic' is a worry...

Ah, lots of rudder. Not what I wanted to hear. In fact, now that's brought back my instructor's favourite line (to be interspersed every ten seconds while doing ANYTHING) "Right rudder, right rudder!!"

Thanks for the great pics Chris!


At 4:37 pm, Blogger Chris said...

Oops - should never have said thin plastic - the correct terminology is 'composite construction,' which is much more impressive sounding, but means the same thing.

The rudder pedal is your friend...


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