Thursday, October 01, 2009

Bye Buddy

Yesterday around this time my wife and I said goodbye to Houston, our beloved cat, just shy of his 13th birthday.

He was my little buddy, he followed me around the house wanting to know what I was doing all day, he slept like only a cat truly can until he got hungry, then got up and ate til he was tired. He demanded to go outside just to sleep in the sun and sniff the grass, he demanded to be fed at 0545 every day. He curled up beside me to sleep just about every night.

And when he no longer wanted to do any of those things because he was too sick, he knew we would do what was best for him.

And we did, while we held him and the light went out of his eyes.

My wife has said it better than I ever could;

To others he may have just been a cat, or our pet. But to us he was our family and we loved him.


At 11:30 pm, Blogger Wilko said...

Some pets are like family. Sorry to hear of the loss.


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