Friday, March 06, 2009

In which I update my whereabouts

This blogging lark. Not so easy sometimes. One would think tapping away on the keyboard, converting thoughts into words on a screen, pretty straightforward. Not so.

So please excuse the paucity of posts in recent months. It isn't I've wanted to be incommunicado, Real Life (tm) has merely intruded.

I was studying hard for my ATPLs, put practical flying aside for awhile. For one reason or another I failed ATPL Flight Planning. This subject is a cast iron bastard, so I will need to restudy and resit the exam. Maybe I can pass next time. Maybe. In the meantime, the heart just ain't innit, see? Performance and Loading is a bit easier, so I will sit that one next before getting back into Flight Planning. After that I have Aerodynamics and Aircraft Systems, which I just looove to study. That will be my carrot.

I put off flying over summer, as I mentioned, it being too hot and sticky under the perspex and having other fish to fry, so to speak. The law and the club rules mean I have to fly 90 days before I can fly solo again, so Tuesday I went out to Bankstown to gain recency. Flew with a feller called Craig, who was very pleasant to fly with. Corrected me when my technique was slack, as is appropriate. Not pedantic, as am I. Gave me some excellent techniques. All good stuff. So once again I'm legal.

Speaking of legal, it was time for my annual physical, and isn't that just cheap and cheerful fun /sarcasm off. As usual, I paid an awful lot of money to some medical practitioners for the privilege of waiting, being messed around, stripping on command, being poked and prodded, shaved, having electrodes attached. Those blokes in Guantanamo would go on a hunger strike if they were subjected to such humiliations, and asked to contribute financially for it. End result - I am as fit as the proverbial stringed musical instrument. For another year. Yay.


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