Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First hair grows out of my ears, now this

It was recently my birthday, and my wife Kirrily got me Guitar Hero III.

Short answer, it rocks. Literally. Now all the songs I hear on the radio are made of little coloured disks scrolling down a fretboard.

I'm playing it on 'easy'at the moment, and after three days practice I can play most songs 95% correct or so. I had a quick spin on 'extreme.'

WTF? Either I'm too old (a distinct possibility) or it's too damn hard. Maybe if I had a few spare weeks of constant practice I could do a half decent job.

But if you're going to put in that much effort - why not learn the guitar for real?


At 12:10 pm, Anonymous Tuners Are Cats said...

Keep on rockin.....

ROOT! - .....soon, will be in contact.

At 2:58 pm, Anonymous Tara said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Guitar Hero =]

I too am now hearing songs on the radio, only to picture the fret board with the colours *sigh*.

Read you tried extreme, have you been onto youtube and watched the videos of people playing extreme?

If you type "Guitar Hero III" in the search bar, look for the video named along the lines of "impossible song", it's got this guy who tries to play the most difficuly song (it can only be found via a cheat or something...).
The whole fret board has all the colors going at one time!

If and when you watch this, I'm sure you won't feel so 'old' about trying extreme =)

Love to you and Kirrily.
Tara XxX


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