Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Erm, I think you're in my seat

Stewardess in the pilot's seat: Flying High on Jetstar

Nothing wrong here.

The article implies that it is an offence for the first officer to be sitting in the left hand seat. This is a common misconception. There is nothing in the Civil Aviation Regs specifying which pilot is to sit in which seat.


226 Dual controls
(1) During flight, a person may occupy a control seat of an aircraft
equipped with fully or partially functioning dual controls only if:
(a) the person holds an appropriate pilot licence for the type of
aircraft and the class of operations in which the aircraft is flown;
(b) the person is a student pilot assigned for instruction in the
aircraft; or
(c) the person is authorised by CASA.

In the strict letter of the law, the Flight Attendant (not the politically incorrect title 'Stewardess') appears to be in breach of this regulation. Although in aircraft certified for single pilot operations, a non-qualified person may occupy a control seat permitted they are briefed beforehand not to manipulate the controls, which certainly appears to be the case.

They have obscured the faces to protect the identities of the persons involved, prior to forwarding on the uuobscured photos to CASA and dropping them right in it.

But why obscure their watches?


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