Thursday, August 07, 2008

Come for the food, stay for the projectile vomiting

If you do a google search for Il Centro restaurant in Brisbane, you might find descriptions like 'iconic,' 'award-winning,' 'sensational,' or 'unforgettable.' I certainly wont forget my visit there any time soon.

The signature dish there is the sandcrab lasagne, which tasted absolutely divine the first time I had it. Unfortunately it didn't taste quite so good four hours later on its way back up. Even more bitter was the experience of complaining to the manager about receiving a helping of food poisoning along with my food. When they decided to ring back the following day, it was simply to deny that they had any responsibility for the quality and cleanliness of their food.

It would have been sufficient to me if they had simply offered an apology. Not even that was forthcoming.

Highly recommended!!!!one


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