Saturday, July 08, 2006

I was down at Wollongong (Albion Park, actually) aerodrome today and I got to thinking about airport noise, something which this aerodrome has had problems with over recent years. We're talking about people building houses right next to an aerodrome which was built in 1942, then complaining about the aircraft noise. I also recognise they have some legitimate gripes. Cessnas you can handle. Dakotas and Catalinas are a bit much. Ironically the aerodrome was built to handle heavy World War Two era aircraft, not light singles.

I think part of the problem is they have someone to complain TO. They think if they hear an aeroplane, then that means they should ring the number for aircraft noise complaints. They don't realise the number is for EXCESSIVE aircraft noise, not normal, regular aircraft noise. If you lived near the beach and the sound of the surf kept you awake at night, who are you going to complain to? Neptune?

I personally know that some unscrupulous real estate agents are part of the problem. They have ADVISED owners to regularly complain about aircraft noise, to try to get the aerodrome shut down to raise real estate values.

I also know of other real estate agents who, when asked the question,
"what about the airport next door?"
"don't worry, they're closing it down next month."


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