Saturday, January 28, 2006

Eric Joyner

Did I ever tell you one of my favorite toys when I was a kid was a little robot with three huge cannons on his chest? He would shuffle across the floor then pause, like he was considering his options, think "nah, screw that," spin 360 degrees and blast everything within range. That's why I liked him. He wasn't programmed to take any crap. Shoot first and process data later was his motto.

I kind of think that one day, when humans and robots are friends, the image of the psychopathic killer robot laying waste to the landscape will be as frowned upon as love Thy Neighbour or
Golliwog biscuits.

I wonder whatever happened to that little guy? Perhaps he's watching a fight or invading foreign lands, but I really hope he's happy. And dreaming of destroying civilisations.


At 11:04 pm, Anonymous THERESE said...

I remember you playing with that robot ! ! !


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