Friday, March 05, 2004

I can tell how you got here. I have a tracker that tells me where you came from. In fact, I can see you now.

No, actually I can't see you now, but I made you look over your shoulder, didn't I? But, I can tell how you got here.

A lot of people get here because they know the address, some people got here because I have my site listed in blog listings that get updated when I update and some people get here by doing a search for something on google.

I've noticed that some people get here by doing searches on some strange words. "Sydney" I can understand. "Summer Hill" I can understand, too. "Chris Parkes" is totally understandable. But if you came here searching for "home enema kit" or "refrigerate after opening" or "sydney city sex escort porno" or "advantage AND basketball AND tourette's" or "picture of basil fawlty kicking manuel" I can only apologise and hope you find what you are looking for elsewhere.


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