Friday, March 05, 2004

I want you to picture a kindly-looking old man. Any of the cast of 'Coccoon' will do. Don Ameche crossed with Walter Mattau with perhaps a little Father Christmas thrown in. Wearing a hat.

Now I want you picture him driving a brand new Magna and attempting to perform a u-turn on a busy street involving several uses of the R gear position, whilst the drivers who have stopped to give him way try to figure out what it is he is doing. Random indicator signals confuse the situation.

Now I want you picture him cursing the drivers around him, swearing like on a tourettes sufferer on a bad day who just stubbed his toe and missed out on the lottery by one number. A large blue streak appears above his head. A passing wharfie blushes.

Welcome to Summer Hill on a Friday afternoon.


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