Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Net dumbs us down: Nobel prize winner

Don't you feel more stupider?

I personally don't think the internet makes your more or less stupid. I do think it makes you less ignorant, but there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom.

So why would she think this way? Were people noticeably more intelligent prior to, say, 1995? Apparently it's because people in developing nations want books and can't get them, whereas people in developed nations have books and don't read them.

I have my own theory about why people nowadays seem more stupider then what their did in teh olden days. It's not that there are more idiots about, it's just that you tend to encounter the fruits of their intellect more frequently.

The internet hasn't made people less intelligent, but it has provided easy outlets for their creativity. In ancient times, say, 1987, if you wanted to have your opinions read by the masses, you were reduced to handing out flyers, or you had to get your magnum opus published. Inevitably, publishers like to browse through the contents of the books they intend to publish. Thus, 99% of submitted works were rejected on the grounds they were utter rubbish, and the author clearly a dangerous lunatic. Nowadays, any halfwit with a digit-like appendage, a keyboard and an internet connection can vomit their outpourings on teh intarwebs for other mentalists and nimrods to read.

Much like this.


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