Saturday, February 24, 2007

Here's a handy customer service hint for all you cash register jockeys out there. When you tell me the price and I offer money, take it. Strangely almost no one does this.

I walk into a store and choose an item to purchase. I walk up to the counter and say something pedestrian like;

"I'd like to buy this, please."

Shop assistant picks up item, examines price and says something equally conventional like;

"$10, please."

NOW, and here's the thing, when you say the price, I take that as a sign for me to hand over a form of currency equal to, or greater than, the cost of the item you have just quoted. This is called a tort. I have requested goods, you have made an offer, I have accepted the offer. We now have a contract, and it is time for an exchange to occur.

Almost no one does this. Instead they wrap the item up, or rearrange the counter, or examine their watch, or anything except take my money. So I am left with the embarrassing pose of standing there waving a ten dollar bill in my hand looking like a dick. What alternative am I left with?

When you say the price, that means you are ready to take my money. Take it. Everything else can wait.


At 10:07 pm, Anonymous Therese said...

Mum gets 'em thru rather quick at Coles. Takes the money and then says "NEXT PLEASE". Maybe she's the exception to the rule, lol.


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