Friday, October 22, 2004

A QANTAS flight had to pull out of its landing at Sydney Airport tonight because another aircraft was on its runway.


"A Perth man on Qantas flight 774 from Adelaide said the plane was in its final approach at Sydney Airport when it accelerated and climbed steeply.
"We were coming in to land," the passenger, who did not wish to be named, told AAP.
"The wheels were down in final approach and the plane then accelerated and rapidly climbed.
"We then went around the airport again."

Nevermind the fact that he repeats himself, a Perth man in seat 23A is not a credible witness. I mean I know he's got the technical lingo, like 'final approach' and 'wheels,' but having bought a Qantas ticket over the internet does not an aviation expert make.

"The pilot then came on the intercom and said ... `We've just been told by air traffic control there was another aircraft on the runway in which we were supposed to land.'"
The plane landed at 9.10pm (AEST), 10 minutes after its scheduled arrival time."

Oh no!!! Not 10 minutes late!!! Sorry, there must be a story here somewhere. I'm buggered if I know what it is, yet.

"The passenger said the plane was "getting pretty close" to the runway when it was ordered to go around."

Getting pretty close? I'm glad to see this guy is in possession of all the facts, here. If Dirk Dingbat from Fremantle, who can only see the drinks trolley, says they were pretty close, well, who am I to dispute it? Imagine how scared he would have been if he could actually see out the front.

"It's a bit of a problem if there's a plane on the tarmac when you're coming in," he said.

There's only one thing I can say to this - duurrrrr!!!! Of course there's a bloody problem. Can anyone guess the solution? Go around. What did the Captain do? Go around. No problem.

Do I need to sing the 'go around' song again? Look, a go around is not a big deal. It's not newsworthy. I can't count the number of go-arounds I've done, initiated by me, by my instructor and by the tower. There's all sorts of reasons for a go around, mostly due to the aircraft in front being a bit slow to exit the tarmac.

Whoop-de-doo, tarantula town. Another example of quality journalism by Australia's favourite bin liner.


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