Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Swearing gets the sack

I've instituted a swear jar at work - it seems I'm ahead of my time.

"TROOPERS and sailors may be famous for four-letter words, but not even the defence force could cope with the cussing of one 45-year-old man.
Peter Anthony Caughley was too foul-mouthed - even for the army.
Last year the information technology supplier was summarily sacked for his bad language.
Calling his supervisor a "f---ing slut" and a "f---ing bitch", finally proved too much. According to the army, Mr Caughley called his manager "she who must be obeyed" and "the old dragon". Commissioner David Hoffman heard Mr Caughley also referred to an untrained temporary staff member as a "drop kick"."

He knows his Rumpole, anyway. Firstly, he wasn't even a soldier. Secondly, it seems not so much that he swore, despite the sensational headline, but that he used a term of abuse towards a supervisor. How anyone could expect to swear AT their boss and get away with it is beyond me. And there's a reminder to anyone who isn't aware that 'drop kick and punt' is rhyming slang.


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