Monday, October 27, 2003

Reality TV programs...aren't. If they were about Reality(tm) they would all feature people sitting in their loungerooms watching TV. I guess that wouldn't be all that interesting. I think it would be good, though. A real breakthough. Like that program with George Clooney where he was a bomber pilot or something and was live to air. No safety nets - if you flub a line or trip over a chair, out it goes! Just like real life. Except in real life the whole thing is ad-libbed. Now we're getting somewhere. A film or TV show or whatever where the actors are given details of their characters, or perhaps build them over time, so they understand how their character behaves in certain situations, their motivations, etc. They are presented with a situation and act it out. No lines, no scripts. A set, some props and Action! Now THAT'S reality TV.


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