Monday, October 27, 2003

Saw a music video on Fox the other day - Lenny Kravitz 'American Woman.' The original film clip had Heather Graham in it, behaving in a particularly lascivious and salacious manner. For some reason the film clip I saw didn't have Heather Graham in it at all. I don't know why she isn't in this version but I can report that the clip is much poorer for her absence. In fact the whole thing is a non-event. Various youngish women lounging in the desert in skimpy clothing, pouting with haughty expressions of assumed attitude. This is presented as attractive and uniquely representative of the title. Here are some underdressed young women in the desert. Clearly they are American Women. How we tell that I don't know. But at least the hazy logic of the original was redeemed by Roller Girl.


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